Welcome to Windsor Flat Coated Retrievers.  I have been showing my Flat Coats for 16 years and began breeding 13 years ago.  My love of dogs started as a child and I have had the pleasure of owning many wonderful breeds over the years, including, Standard Poodles, a Chow Chow, a Doberman, an Akita and currently in our pack of Flatties we have a wonderful French Bulldog.  Though I love all dogs, the Flat Coat is "my breed".  They are kind, loving, energetic, funny and just the best family dog one can own.  Flat Coats are not for everyone and please remember just because a dog is cute that does not mean it will fit your lifestyle.  Please do your research before you choose any breed.

I have had the pleasure of learning alot about this breed from my good friend, Deborah A. Edwards, Ph.D, of LaPorte, TX and Beachcliff Flat Coated Retrievers.  We met at my first dog show ever when Deb lived in NJ and have been friends ever since.  Deb has an extensive background in science and a clear understanding of genetics and matching pedigrees.  We have bred many litters together and I always consider her opinion when do any breeding.
I also was fortunate to meet Catherine Elder and Lisa DiStefano of LilyField Flat Coated Retrievers, they got their first Flat Coat from me and we have been good friends in and out of dogs for over 7 years.

Keeping overall confirmation, excellent temperments and life longevity have always been the most important things to me in developing my breeding program.  The amazing wins we've had along the way is just "icing on the cake".

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*References available upon request, I've had the pleasure of having many repeat buyers.

Windsor Flat Coated Retrievers

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